Caring for Your Braided Rug

Product Care
Our products are manufactured by highly experienced and skilled craftsmen who utilize the finest materials available! However, keep in mind these products are decorative floor coverings and many factors will determine the wearing characteristics and duration of your rug...such as pets, household traffic patterns, family size, or exposure to chairs or rolled/dragged objects. Over time small braid separations may occur, simply sew the braids together using a needle and strong thread. Avoid dragging pointed chair legs or heavy furniture across the rug as this may stress the braid threads and stitching. Trim, but never pull loose yarns or thread ends. What may appear to be an irregularity in colors or construction is actually part of the homespun-look, typical to braided rugs. The use of non-skid underpayment is recommended for safety and to prevent the possibility of a color reaction to underlying surfaces especially vinyl floors.

Room Size Rugs: All rugs should be opened and laid flat promptly upon receiving, this holds especially true for room-sized rugs.
Unroll or unfold your rug onto the room area as evenly as possible to avoid waves or bubbles. If needed, to additionally flatten the rug use a smooth pole or tube. Starting in the center of the rug, place the tube flat while using semi circular motions working out any waves towards outside of the rug. Use this technique around the entire rug as needed. Gentle tapping down on minor bubbles (with pole) also helps. The rug will totally flatten after a day of being opened.

Please do not stretch or force rugs by excessive pulling or pushing of furniture/ furniture legs on the rug. This could cause breakage of the threads or permanent stretching of the braid core and yarns.

Vacuum, but avoid using a rotary powered vacuum or turn the power head off. Blot up spills...professionally dry clean if needed...Do not machine wash, do not use hot water extraction machines nor saturate the rug with water.

Yarns used in braided rugs are constructed horizontally onto the rug surface verses a machine tufted rug where the yarns are vertical (standing on end), therefore braided rugs are more sensitive to surface abrasion. Fibers that loosen or shed over time is a natural wearing trait to all braided rugs. To minimize surface shedding, please do not use a power rotary head vacuum or similar appliance, as this could accelerate shedding or the brushing effect of rug fibers. or call toll-free: 855-253-3409